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Our Company

Here in Caffeine Book Tours, we create inclusive book tours. Our services are geared towards books for all age ranges and authors from all walks of life, with a focus on diversity and representation.

Our Advocacy

We aim to uphold our core values of inclusiveness, accessibility, communication, and community-building. We also actively advocate the need for diversity in books and publishing, as well as the importance of own-voices reviews.

Our Creator

Caffeine Book Tours was founded by Shealea, who first started blogging about books in 2015. She is extremely passionate about diversity and representation in books and in all forms of media.

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Book Tours

There is always something wonderful brewing in Caffeine Book Tours. Sit down, grab a cup of heavenly coffee, and stay a little longer. Perhaps you’d be interested in seeing our list of upcoming tours?


Coffeehouse Chatter

I had an amazing time working with Caffeine Book Tours! Fun blog posts, dedicated bloggers, a schedule that ran like clockwork—the perfect book tour!

Sangu Mandanna, author of A Spark of White Fire

I highly recommend Caffeine Book Tours to publishers and authors as a great way to bring together diverse readers and writers as well as promoting #ownvoices stories to the wider publishing world.

Katie Zhao, author of The Dragon Warrior

Let’s Collaborate

We offer flexible book tour packages that are low cost and high impact. Our services also allow for customization to effectively accommodate our clients’ needs.