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Book A Tour

Caffeine Book Tours is temporarily closed.

No tour bookings from January to June 2022.

How to book a tour?

If you are an author or publicist interested in working with Caffeine Book Tours, kindly read through the available tour packages and send a business inquiry through the contact page.

Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Book title and author
  • Relevant book information – age group, genres, synopsis
  • List of trigger and content warnings (if applicable)
  • List of on-page marginalized representation found in the book (if applicable)
  • Target tour dates* (if applicable)
  • Preferred tour package and desired add-ons (if applicable)

* Note: As a rule, CBT only accommodates two tours per week so as (1) not to dilute the amount of exposure that the books receive, and (2) to avoid content fatigue on our social media platforms.

What types of books are accepted?

Caffeine Book Tours accommodates books for any age group (Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult) and from any genre, although diverse and own-voices books are greatly preferred and will be prioritized. It must also be noted that CBT only accepts books written in either English or Filipino/Tagalog.

What can you expect from CBT?

All modes and forms of communication with the tour hosts are handled by Caffeine Book Tours. Moreover, aside from the benefits listed in this page (e.g. consistent social media promotion, high-quality tour banners and publicity materials), all tour reviews are curated: reviews with ratings less than 3.5 stars are withheld until the end of the tour, and participants will be given alternative material for posting.

Once the blog tour ends, all relevant links and posts are compiled into a spreadsheet, which will be sent to you for the purpose of transparency.

What does CBT expect from you?

First and foremost, Caffeine Book Tours expects you to treat our tour hosts with fairness, respect, and compassion. This encompasses, but is not limited to, safeguarding their personal information, giving them at least a month’s worth of reading and reviewing time, acknowledging their social media posts if you are tagged, and providing readable review copies.

Second, you are expected to respect CBT’s commitment to inclusiveness, which means accommodating international readers and reviewers in tours. With the exception of Philippines-only tours, CBT strictly organizes tours that are open to everyone, regardless of where they are based.

Finally, aside from providing review copies (ARCs or e-ARCs) to the tour hosts, you must also be willing to provide the following information and materials for the tour’s media kit:

  • Author bio and social media
  • High-resolution author photo (preferably portrait)
  • High-resolution book cover
  • Cover artist’s name and social media
  • List of trigger and content warnings (if applicable)
  • List of marginalized representation found in the book (if applicable)