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Become A Tour Host

What does it mean to be a coffee bean?

In Caffeine Book Tours, coffee beans are bookish content creators who are officially registered in CBT’s mailing list and database. In simpler words, they are part of the pool of eligible tour hosts.

Being a coffee bean means being an official part of the CBT’s team, and this membership comes with certain perks, such as, receiving early book tour invitations and internal announcements directly to your email inbox.

Of course, although invitations will be sent, coffee beans are not required to participate in all the blog tours organized by CBT. In fact, you are free to select which books and which tours genuinely spark your interest. Likewise, this membership will not guarantee that you will be automatically selected for all blog tours you decide to sign up for. However, coffee beans with a consistent track record of adhering to tour guidelines are more likely to be selected in future tours.

There are no strict requirements for member eligibility. All you need to be a coffee bean is (1) a platform, such as, a blog or a website; and (2) a passion for reading books. Page views, follower counts, and other related statistics are not part of the criteria.

What are the responsibilities of a book tour host?

Mainly, selected tour hosts are expected to actively participate throughout the book tour and to post their designated content on time.

Weeks before any book tour, a media kit is sent to the email inboxes of selected tour participants. Aside from the review copy and essential information, the media kit also contains a document of general guidelines and instructions that they should strictly adhere to. More simply, tour hosts are expected to carefully read through the guidelines and follow them.

Although interacting with tour co-hosts is not a strict requirement, CBT does encourage everyone to support each other’s posts and to engage with one another. The company hopes to foster an environment of camaraderie and kinship for all the participants.

What happens when guidelines are not followed?

Sometimes, however, unforeseen things happen. Sometimes, due to personal reasons, people can forget about their posts or are unable to deliver their content on the date they were assigned — and in these cases, there’s no need for you to worry! These slip-ups won’t automatically ban you from future blog tours. As much as possible, kindly inform CBT if something happens or if something will happen that will prevent you from doing what is expected from you.

However, if this happens too frequently or if there is a consistent lack of communication from your end, you might not be considered for future blog tours (of course, this won’t last forever!). Moreover, as much as CBT values and welcomes artistic freedom, consistent disregard for instructions and guidelines (e.g. no or incomplete book/author information, not linking back to the launch post, posting spoilers on social media) may also lead to a temporary ban from tours.

What else do you need to know?

☕ Coffee beans are encouraged to set up NetGalley and Edelweiss accounts because, more often than not, blog tours make use of digital review copies and e-ARCs (although physical ARCs are occasionally available, depending on the publisher’s distribution restrictions).

☕ Caffeine Book Tours upholds a strict privacy policy. The company is committed to ensuring data privacy and protection.

☕ You are free to revoke your membership or to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

☕ You can find important announcements and updates on CBT’s Twitter account (@CaffeineTours) and Instagram account (@CaffeineTours).

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How to sign up as a coffee bean?

By signing up as a coffee bean, you will become an official part of the team and you will receive information and invitations to all events organized by Caffeine Book Tours. Click here to sign up and to make your membership official!

Once it’s official, you are more than welcome to grab the coffee bean badge and to display it on your blog and website. Wear your membership with pride!

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