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Goodbye, For Now: Shutting Down for 2022

My foray into organizing book tours began in 2017, motivated by a genuine desire to help out disadvantaged authors. Over time, however, this small desire grew into a larger advocacy, eventually leading to the official founding of Caffeine Book Tours. All of this is to say that Caffeine Book Tours is truly a product ofContinue reading “Goodbye, For Now: Shutting Down for 2022”

How Tour Hosts Are Selected

Hi hey hello, coffee beans! ☕🌿 I’ve been organizing book tours since 2017, and if I’m being perfectly honest, one of the hardest tasks is actually having to select a handful of participants out of a large pool of potential tour hosts. As a long-time blogger myself, I have firsthand experiences of rejection and exclusion,Continue reading “How Tour Hosts Are Selected”