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Goodbye, For Now: Shutting Down for 2022

My foray into organizing book tours began in 2017, motivated by a genuine desire to help out disadvantaged authors. Over time, however, this small desire grew into a larger advocacy, eventually leading to the official founding of Caffeine Book Tours.

All of this is to say that Caffeine Book Tours is truly a product of heart and principle. My heart and principle. And because of that, there is no easy way for me to proceed with the following announcement.

After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I have decided to temporarily shut down the company’s operations for the first half of 2022. This means that CBT will not be entertaining any tour bookings from January to June 2022. And if deemed necessary, the shutdown may be extended until the end of the year.

Since September 2021, CBT went back to operating as a one-woman team. But even prior to losing manpower in running this company, the idea of closing down — be it temporarily or permanently — had already been brewing in my mind. For personal reasons, I will not delve into specifics. But I can share this small confession with you: I have (reluctantly) come to terms that I simply do not have the bandwidth to keep this place running, given my current workload and priorities.

I think it is fair of me to say that no one is more disappointed by this outcome than myself. I have dedicated years of my life to connecting authors and readers, and it saddens me to know that it is an endeavor I can no longer actively do.

I am not sure how this announcement will be received by the authors and content creators I’ve worked with, although I am fairly certain that some may disagree with my decision. Perhaps some would feel that the better solution is for me to hire staff members. Or maybe some would suggest that I pass on the reins to someone else. And maybe they’d be correct in doing so.

However, at the end of the day, the best path I can take is the one that will grant me the most peace of mind. And in that respect, I am confident in my choice. I can only hope for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for all your love, support, and faith in Caffeine Book Tours.

  • To my author clients, I greatly appreciate your trust in my work and in my intentions to help promote your books. I hope you know that I’ve never taken that trust lightly, and I am forever honored by the opportunities you’ve given me.
  • To my coffee beans and tour hosts, you’ve all worked with unparalleled creativity and utmost dedication. I will miss your energy and enthusiasm.

See you all again, I hope.

Much love and light,

Published by Shealea

Shealea likes sunflowers, research, and inclusive literature. In 2020, she graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a bachelor's degree in Communication Research.

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