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SIGN UP: Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy

Genre: middle grade, fantasy

Publication date: 14 September 2021

Publisher: Self-published

Cover artist: Rebecacovers

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What would you do if you found out that magic and monsters were real, and you were born to stop them?

14-year-old Keisha Alighieri thought she was just a normal teenager and that her biggest problems in life were what outfit to wear to school. But when her mother is kidnapped by an evil society, secrets get revealed that will change Keisha’s life forever.

Keisha finds out that her papà, Dante Alighieri, and his bloodline are hunters and protectors of the Inferno world. Keisha decides she will do anything to rescue her mother…anything.

She is joined by Verona Maro who acts as her guide and mentor as they pass through the portal to the Inferno realm. There, they will face monsters that she never thought actually existed.

However, even more trouble is just around the corner. The Monarchs are plotting to turn Keisha to evil and use her abilities to unlock an ancient power that will help them control the world.

Will Keisha and Verona be able to overcome the impossibly dangerous obstacles that stand in their way? And will Keisha be able to save the Inferno and become the Legacy she was born into?

Content/Trigger Warnings

  • loose adaptation of Dante’s Inferno for kids
  • parent kidnapping (shown and mentioned)
  • death of a parent (mentioned not seen)
  • PG fighting
  • the word damn (used once)
  • racism (theme)
  • mistreatment (mentioned)
  • the word killing (not graphic or gore)
  • blood (mentioned and seen—not gore)

About the Author

T.R. Tells chose the pen name created as a play on words “T.R “TELLS a story”. She’s a book-lover for anything fantasy (but will try any genre) and created her first story at 11 years old. She currently lives in upstate New York with a Bachelors in Fiction and Creative writing. In her free time when she’s not creating infinite worlds in her writing, you can find her binge watching Netflix and being an Otaku (anime) lover.

Her first Middle-Grade Debut “Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy ” combines her love of anime, fantasy, and the Black and LGBTQIA+ representation.

About the Tour

The tour for Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy accommodates book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagrammers. It is open to both US-based and international bookish creators. The tour’s official hashtag is #InfernoVerseTour.

The tour will run from November 8th to November 12th. You are more than welcome to add other creative or promotional content of your preference. Digital review copies of Keisha and the Rise of the Legacy will be distributed.

Sign-ups will close within this week, and the selected tour hosts will be contacted via email. The CBT Twitter account will announce once the confirmation emails have been sent out.

For other concerns or inquiries, you are more than welcome to leave a comment!

Published by Shealea

Shealea likes sunflowers, research, and inclusive literature. In 2020, she graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a bachelor's degree in Communication Research.

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