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SIGN UP: TJ Young and the Orishas

Genre: young adult, fantasy

Publication date: 19 June 2021

Publisher: Self-published

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TJ Young has been surrounded by magic his entire life, yet he has never tapped into it… until now.

Fourteen-year-old TJ grew up normal in a secret community of gifted diviners in the heart of modern-day Los Angeles. His powerful sister was ordained to lead his people into a new age of prosperity, but her mysterious death in Nigeria threatens to destroy the very foundations of TJ’s world.

Desperate to pick up where his sister left off and uncover the secrets behind her questionable death, TJ commits himself to unlocking the magical heritage that has always eluded him. So he enrolls in Camp Olosa—a remedial magic school for the divinely less-than-gifted in the humid swamps of New Orleans.

But little does he know, TJ is destined to cross paths with powerful spirits of old thought lost to time: the orishas.

About the Author

Antoine Bandele is an Amazon bestselling author in action adventure fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, African American fantasy, and African literature.

He lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and cat. You can find him producing videos all over YouTube, including his own channel (which you should totally check out). He is also an audiobook engineer.

About the Tour

The tour for TJ Young and the Orishas accommodates book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagrammers. It is open to both US-based and international bookish creators, with priority being given to those who identify with the book’s representation. The tour’s official hashtag is #TJYoungTour.

The tour will run from September 13th to September 17th. You are more than welcome to add other creative or promotional content of your preference. Digital review copies of TJ Young and the Orishas will be distributed.

Sign-ups will close within this week, and the selected tour hosts will be contacted via email. The CBT Twitter account will announce once the confirmation emails have been sent out.

For other concerns or inquiries, you are more than welcome to leave a comment!

Published by Shealea

Shealea likes sunflowers, research, and inclusive literature. In 2020, she graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a bachelor's degree in Communication Research.

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